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Math-Finance light

  1. APMA 0330Methods of Applied Mathematics I

  2. APMA 0340Methods of Applied Mathematics II

  3. APMA 1650Statistical Inference I

  4. ECON 0110Principles of Economics

  5. ECON 1110Intermediate Microeconomics

  6. ECON 1850Theory of Economic Growth

  7. ENGN 0030Intro to Engineering Design

  8. ENGN 0090Management of Industrial and Nonprofit Organizations

Computer Science type

  1. CSCI 0150Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

  2. CSCI 0160Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures

  3. CSCI 0220Discrete Structures and Probability

  4. CSCI 0330Introduction to Computer Systems

  5. CSCI 1300User Interfaces and Design

  6. CSCI 1320Creating Modern Web Applications

  7. CSCI 1951FComputers, Freedom and Privacy: Current Topics in Law and Policy

  8. CSCI 1970Directed Research

Life Sciences dna

  1. BIOL 0470Genetics

  2. BIOL 0800Principles of Physiology

  3. BIOL 1950/1960Directed Research

  4. CHEM 0100Introductory Chemistry

  5. CHEM 0330Equilibrium, Rate, and Structure

  6. CHEM 0350Organic Chemistry

  7. CLPS 0010Elementary Psychology

  8. PHYS 0040E&M Basic Physics

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